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'Life is the Teacher, I am your Guide, YOU are the '

Joe Sica -- Founder, SoA

Science of Ascension is not a faith based philosophy. It is a science for the awakening beyond meditation, for piercing the veil between the spirit world and the physical world, 24/7. It is a science for reawakening all spiritual abilities, for journeying within all realms of consciousness, for piercing the veil between our conscious self and our super conscious self to awaken the path of ascension.

Ultimately, I was a complete failure at meditation.  In my teens I tried all types of meditation to clear my mind: going blank, transcendental meditation and even deep meditation for astral projection.  Meditation never worked for me, yet I still felt compelled to seek out what would. In 1990, while overseas on a tour in the military, I crossed paths with an "adept" who imparted to me an experience so elusive that only a few people on the planet are masters of it.  It is the secret to awakening beyond meditation and it has laid the ground work for the science of ascension.

The unfolding of the entire experience of self realization and ascension requires a physical guide. The physical guide is a spiritual master who assists the apprentice to unfold the experience to reconnect with “everything”. Life becomes the teacher and the guide working with the apprentice remains to aid them as a the mentor, healer and protector until the apprentice is far enough along to do everything on their own. This will take a decade or more, but very early on the apprentice realizes and learns to employ an experience that is greater than those of the masters of all other philosophies.

The apprenticeship is for life, the growth is limitless. The journey of ascension is one of retracing the steps from whence we came: the descent from the heavens through frequencies of consciousness, also known as chakras. The path traveled to return to being God again utilizes the foundation of techniques of this philosophy and our chakras as the stepping stones. The path is within. Know thyself to know thy God.

Science of Ascension begins as an awakening beyond meditation, permitting an interaction with the spirit realm 24/7. The awakening process continues by relearning to employ all psychic abilities. After awakening all psychic abilities the path traveled opens two new avenues. The first is journeying within the kingdoms of consciousness. This is similar to a shamanic journey, but it is done through the unique meditation process we use. The second is the deliberate interaction with extraterrestrial energies. We all have an extraterrestrial origin consciousness that we need to reconnect with that will aid in the awakening process for remembering the path, heal and teach as needed.

In this philosophy the physical guide is a mentor assisting the apprentice to reconnect with forgotten abilities and experiences. Initially there is a learning process, but once the foundation is set the path transitions to a remembering process. This is facilitated through journeying. When journeying we access the consciousness of another to tap into the collective consciousness of its race. We then use the “ascension technique” to become one with its core energetic makeup. It is at this point that the race we just became one with of consciousness is an extension of ourselves. The next part is to employ their consciousness as our own. In doing so we begin to remember their memory as our memory. Once we have basic mastery of all of this we relearn how to channel our higher self. Other philosophies teach channeling from an external source. Since we are our own source we must relearn to employ this experience to channel our higher self. The process of channeling our higher self is different than what one might expect. This is not dependent on a skill set or a level of mastery, it is dependent solely on becoming less. In the ascension process, to become more we need to become less. What holds all humans back from moving forward is memory. In Hindu philosophies this is viewed as ego. It is ego that needs to be transcended. The Hindu perspective is correct, the approach they use to overcome ego is not. The approach has always been regarded as an exercise of will. Ego is not transcended by anything we do in the present. Ego is fault through identity created by all soul memory, believing all we are is only human. It is necessary to transcend all memory of our current life and all previous lives to fully transcend ego and become the definition of nothing. Only after becoming nothing is the second veil realized and we relearn channeling of our high self. Channeling our higher self is, on our most individual level, employing the experience of God. This means to employ our own collective consciousness by temporarily being completely free of being something (the idea of self as ego), existing as nothing, thus allowing us to be everything of all consciousness that we have accessed while journeying.

The ascension process is not about learning, it is about remembering while retracing the steps back from whence we came through all chakras. The steps of ascension are the chakras, more specifically they are all races of consciousness related to the collective frequency of each chakra. Employing the science of ascension and accessing the experience of God begins by first becoming one with God. God isn't a thing or an embodiment. God is everywhere and nowhere. God is all consciousness. The experience of being one with God is realized in two parts. The first part is to be one with the collective consciousness, yet separate of awareness of each chakra. After becoming nothing of self by transcending memory, every race that we have journeyed with becomes an extension of us through consciousness, yet we remain individual through awareness. The second part is to employ the collective consciousness of each and all chakras as our entire self. Consciously we can only employ our individual memory, but by utilizing our higher self we can employ the memory of all consciousness that has become an extension of ourselves through journeying. This is how we employ the collective consciousness of an entire chakra as our higher self and eventually our God self, employing all chakras simultaneously.

We know collective frequencies of each chakra to be kingdoms of consciousness. The kingdoms of consciousness are as follows: Plants, Insects, Animals, Mammals, Intelligent Mammals and Humanity. These six kingdoms relate to the six conscious chakras that all humans have awareness of at birth. These six chakras deal within the range of soul consciousness and need to be consciously accessed, employed and transcended to begin the path of ascension. Until this happens the journey is in the self realization that we are not only human, but that our lineage is as Gods through consciousness of chakras. As such it is the experience we can employ once again. The only difference between humanity and ascended beings in the physical realm or energetic realm is the conscious level of awareness employed in relation to the highest chakra available to them. The kingdoms of consciousness dictate intelligence and potential. If you do not have awareness of a thing, how can you engage, interact, influence or change what is going on? Awareness of consciousness and of our higher self opens the door to ascension. The foundation of techniques are the building blocks and the keys of a perfect foundation for limitless growth.

The journey of ascension begins at the seventh chakra, having transcended higher self and consciously employing our God or super conscious self along with the collective consciousness of all six chakras all the time. There are a total of fifty chakras bringing us through the ascension from our soul to the spirit and into our collective experience. The fiftieth chakra is not the zenith of ascension, it simply marks the beginning of ascension through a the perspective and experience of being a God, unfolding awareness to ever increasing new heights.

The lineage of consciousness that we travel has been rediscovered by the founder in his own ascension. The origin of the philosophy Science of Ascension is not of this world. We do not need an outside source to show us our way. We do need a guide to assist us in remembering the path within ourselves. This path is for the rare individual that has always known that they are only visiting here and they are ready to return home. We are not pawns, we are Gods.

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