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The Three Priorities

There are three priorities towards living a life of fulfillment. Most people would say that relationships or finances would be top on the list. The three priorities precede healthy relationships and positive finances to a life of fulfillment which are not a goal to be achieved, they express the minimum we need to be fulfilled in every aspect of every part of our life in the ever present all the time. Everything beyond this is a bonus as our life would already be fulfilling, now it begins to become rich.

The First Priority is being Healthy
If you do not have good health you will not be able to focus a lot of attention to achieve something else. When you are in pain, sick, emotionally distraught or psychologically impaired due to anxiety, depression, etc. then the main priority is not to be like this anymore, as soon as possible. After we maintain balance of good health; physically, emotional and psychological then we can work towards the Second Priority.

The Second Priority is our Spirituality
The perspective here is that we are spiritual beings who are in a physical existence, therefore spirituality encompasses how we define our entire life. Our spirituality is not about beliefs, it is the over all reason we are here on the Earth, what we are doing and where we are headed. It offers us the insight, understanding and connection of what we need to achieve in this life to be fulfilled. Once we understand our spirituality (what the road we are traveling in life is about), then we can set in motion our ascension.

The common perception is that we are the physical, therefore we progress in our evolution by learning. We can stop here as most people accept learning as all they are capable of. But since we are spiritual, beginning as a soul experience in physical form (with the core of our self being consciousness / awareness), we progress in our ascension by transcending. This is done by transcending memory (all that we have learned and experienced) as this defines / even limits our potential. Transcending memory frees us from our past, releasing the limited paradigms that have defined and directed us into our future. Memory is an unconscious activator of the Law of Attraction of itself because of the emotions that define it. This is why our history repeats itself in our present and future through habits, addictions, issues with health and vitality, fortune or the lack of, friendships, relationships, family issues, communication and even our spiritual path. In short our own history does not follow us, it precedes us in everything we do in life. Transcending memory, all that we have learned and experienced is the major key for our ascension, for our fulfillment in the now.

The Third Priority is Career
Working to make money which is needed to support our selves in life. A job is a path with no end in sight, taking a paycheck while helping others achieve their dreams. While working a job you can count the hours and even minutes as time crawls by. Yet having balance of our health and our spirituality we gain an understanding of what we do not like to do in life and work towards a career that is fulfilling for our selves. Having a passion that drives us to be happy in our work. A career is not about the paycheck, it is about accessing the minimum or more of what you need monetarily to live the lifestyle you need to be happy, while doing the work you love. For a career there is not enough hours in the day to do what you want to accomplish, time moves to quickly. Once your cup is over flowing by gaining mastery in your profession, the reward is to then give back for others to be inspired to do more by the example you provide via your success. Ultimately a career is about being in service to others once you are taken care of.

Having a combination of all three priorities opens the way to a more fulfilling and enriched life. Relationships come into balance and become healthy when we first have balance between the first and second priority, when we are healthy and have a purpose/passion for being here. How we define who we are and why we are here through our spirituality helps us among other things to attract the right people in our life as friends, career, relationships and soul mate / life partners. It helps us to make sound judgments discerning what is really needed, to consciously avoid the pit falls of life and to then be fulfilled in every aspect of our life as the minimum we need daily. The treasures in life are not about what we acquire, it is about how we perceive value for what we already have (the things that are not tangible; friendships, imagination, spirit, will, relationships, emotions, the subtleties in life, etc.) To be thankful for the blessings that are already in our life.

The Apprenticeship and the Three Priorities

Concerning the apprenticeship, accessing technique three and beyond is not possible until the first priority is in balance. As the commitment to ones self is paramount for their personal growth. We offer Ascended Prayer Healing and the Fountain of Youth to assist in the First Priority. The techniques and being guided assist is realizing the Second Priority. Knowing ones self through personal insight, understanding and communication we can choose a path for work in alignment with our passion that will bring the minimum needed to be fulfilled financially and to be personally rewarded on a daily basis. Taking the path of ascension by transcending memory we can then use affirmations with limitless potential (without competing with our unconscious memory) to attract into our life that dream career, relationship, positive finances and even lifestyle that individually we need to be fulfilled in the ever present as the minimum of our experience all the time. Life can be more than good, it can be wonderfully amazing.

Joe Sica

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