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Welcome to Science Of Ascension

Welcome to the official site of the Science of Ascension Church. Our philosophy is an applied science for employing the experience of ascension. Our apprentices come from many diverse backgrounds of belief and views which we honor and respect. We do not tell people what to believe, we are solely about experiencing first hand all that we are. Through this approach all are able to maintain their beliefs while in the Apprenticeship Program. Our worship is solitary and introspective, unfolding in meditation that has the specific purpose for journeying (referenced in our E-book), which is unique for each person.

Knowledge alone will not avail you to the ascension process, it is necessary that you are guided through it. Our type of guiding utilizes a sacred link between the master and the apprentice where the master raises the apprentice’s conscious awareness beyond what is in their normal grasp for the task at hand, allowing them to view beyond the veil. This is the most sacred of hidden experiences for gaining conscious access to the unconscious experience of our perpetually higher self and beyond.

Our philosophy and techniques will take anyone well beyond the norm of what is possible through “traditional” meditation techniques in a very short period of time. By the end of the first year in the apprenticeship, our apprentices are better versed in the experience of self realization than any others on the planet. Half way through the apprenticeship, between the third and fourth year, our apprentices are learning to guide themselves as they are discovering mastery in all that they do. During the seventh year, our apprentices prepare for graduation, becoming full fledged masters and beginning their own ascension while opening the doors for others as guides and healers. After graduation there is opportunity for continued learning from an ascended master for all current and up to date techniques for healing and all that we do. This additional study, for up to three years, will enable the graduate to grow at a faster pace than is normally achieved working on one’s own. Upon graduation from this extended study a master is recognized as one of the ascended.

Aside from the philosophy and techniques, the greatest advantage to the apprentice is the chance to be mentored and guided by someone who has ascended and can work with any level of spiritual growth, from the beginner to someone who considers themselves to be an adept or greater. All who unfold this journey do so as beginners, regardless of life experience. To be a master of this path is not to be a master for others. It is to guide and heal one's self on every level and to be a student in every experience. We are masters for others only until they can achieve mastery for themselves.

"Life is the teacher, I am your guide, You are the master."