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  • I am timeless, limitless, boundless and space-less.
  • I exist everywhere and no where, in everything and nothing.
  • For as much as I am a part of God, God is a part of me, therefore in part I am God.
  • My journey in life is an awakening in the realization of this of my own experience.
  • I will be honest with myself first and then all others for any intention or action that I may take.
  • For being involved in any experience in life, regardless of my part, I am responsible in part.
  • I will remain open that every experience holds an opportunity for me to learn something new.
  • I will not seek power, for power comes with greatness. I will simply grow in my own awareness.
  • While on my journey in both the physical and spirit realm I will respect and stay true to the one law; “Deny yourself nothing, but enter into all experiences that are unconditionally positive for yourself and all others that share or are affected by your experience, and having the intention of transcending that experience.”
  • For I have said it, I now recognize and release my creed to consciously and unconsciously assist me on my journey for fulfilling the greatest outcome in the ever present in all aspects of my life and for the highest good.

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