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Everything on the smallest level is energy with the intent to be, therefore this implies that any thing animate or inanimate has consciousness.

The energetic imprint of the consciousness of The Source, Deity, God that all are made in the image of, is our direct lineage with The Source, Deity, God on the greatest level. This energetic imprint of energy that all are has self awareness and therefore we have an intent not only to be, but to become. The core self recognizes separation on an individual level and the attainable awareness of consciousness on a collective level in the individual, universal and collective experience through our immanent self.

The core self is immanent and what we can become is transcendent of this. Ascension pertains to attaining a greater awareness of self from our core to fulfilling our entire experience in the awareness of being the Alpha and Omega on every level of consciousness and the manifestation of experience in thought / feeling and form.

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