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History Of The Philosophy

The Covenant: Since the dawn of time there has been a covenant that has been passed down from Ascended beings to man. It has been passed down from spirit to soul, from ascended masters to their students through a vision. This vision was a first hand recollection used by the ascended master so their student could know the experience of the spirit through the ascended masters eyes. The purpose of this was two fold; to transfer the teaching and for the student to know that they to were able to experience this, so when the vision was over, the student would have the faith to unfold this hidden and mysterious experience on their own.

This covenant has been at the beginning of all great civilizations. It is the reason for awareness that in turn causes the explosion of knowledge of the sciences from out of nowhere. The great philosophers and scientists of history’s lost, intertwined their connection with their spirit to access and employ the knowledge of applied sciences. During each of these great civilizations when the connection between spiritual progression and science was severed, the two having become separate entities caused the covenant to be lost again. Soon after these great civilizations abruptly came to an end, and written word of their history and culture vanished.

The time has come in the age of Aquarius as the masses have become ready to continue on this most sacred of paths, unlocking the great mysteries of the spirit through a set of techniques that allowed one to blend the physical and spiritual realms together as one experience. Conscious access of these two avails the student to the experience recognized as the Temple of The Soul and only from this place could the affirmation, the true covenant that is promised and then shared from the ascended master to the student, could be spoken to unlock the mystery of the spirit and to begin the journey from within. “Ye who seek the kingdom of heaven shall find it from within,” and "Know thyself to know thy God” are realized when the affirmation is spoken in Temple of The Soul and we are reawakened to the journey of re-accessing the senses and abilities of our own great spirit and manifesting that higher level of experience in the here and now. This is the beginning of unlocking the journey of ascension.

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