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Mission Statement

We are a diverse community stemming from awareness, healing and transforming who we are. Awakening to the connection through our core self of our own divinity in direct lineage of God. Harnessing proven sciences to integrate techniques that expand our awareness of who we are and unfold the experience of what we all can become.

Science of Ascension philosophy is based on a universal truth that all beings of energy in the core of what we are, are in direct lineage with The Source, Deity, God. As such we are about employing the entirety of this experience through the philosophy and techniques of ascension. Before anyone can move beyond a mere belief, they must experience beyond a reasonable doubt the validity of what they can achieve. Through our assistance via the services that we use, all people can shift from the perspective of only believing and gain the knowing that if we can facilitate change in all aspects of their life, that they can too. For this purpose we utilize our services (our weekly service, premier and regular services) for one and all to have the choice to create the opportunity to be made available in the way that is most effective for their own life. As you become a witness to the possibilities in your own life, then you are ready for more. Our SoA Mystery School leads you into the next step of just that for empowering you on every level.

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