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The One Law

“Deny yourself nothing, but enter into all experiences that are unconditionally positive for yourself and all others that share or are affected by your experience and having the intention of transcending that experience.”

We have The One Law. Aside from this, everything else is a list of suggestion to better assist you in your progression, we refer to them as Guidelines.

  • Be honest with yourself first and all others.
  • Do not let fear control your life.
  • Do not seek justice by your own hand as it will naturally find those who engage or effect your experience in a negative way.
  • Seek peace within yourself and all experiences.
  • Acknowledge responsibility for being a part of any experience, as you created the emotions that define how those experiences effect you in the ever present and guide you into your future by way of how you feel.
  • Forgive yourself before you forgive others as balance must restored from within first.
  • Do not cause harm to animals or plants unless it is for survival, as everything is sacred.
  • Respect the planet we live with, it supply's everything we need for sustainable life. With enough time it can recover from anything we do to it, but we might not be able to provide a future for humanity if we do not attain balance and harmony in our foot print on this planet.

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