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Tenets Of The Philosophy

First Tenet
Everything is energy. Everything on the smallest level is energy with the intent to be, therefore this implies that any thing animate or inanimate has consciousness. Ascension is the raising of our consciousness, it is not associated with an embodiment of body, soul or spirit. Not to leave here, instead to access and incorporate the greater part of what we are and manifest that in the here and now for a more enriched life.

Second Tenet
The Core Self. The path begins with self awareness of what we are in the spirit realm, existing as energy in union with the embodiments of the physical, soul and spirit, none of which define what we are as our core self. The embodiment of the soul is a temple for our core self as we are energy existing as an individual imprint of the consciousness of God in simultaneous union with the body, soul and spirit, yet separate as well. Upon the realization of this core identity of your own experience, utilizing our first technique marks conscious access to the Temple of the Soul which is the doorway to The Source / the kingdom of heaven that lays within all. Our core self is our direct lineage with God, it is our divinity and through ourselves we have a direct connection of reopening the path for ascension. Without the use of the first technique, conscious access to our spiritual existence is merely an act of day dreaming as you are sleep walking through life and all efforts or other techniques used to reconnect with your core self will keep this experience forever out of your grasp because of the false idea that the essence of what you are is an embodiment of flesh, soul and or spirit, which simply isn't true. As everything is energy, we also are pure energy and even though we exist in union with the three main embodiments, these are not what we are, only vehicles for different levels of experience. The key to our reawakening is self awareness, but from within our core self.

Third Tenet
Alpha and Omega. The awakening to self is from within The Temple of the Soul, but the awakening to our spiritual experience consciously while our body is in motion is accomplished by utilizing the second technique and graduating to the third technique, which brings a union between the spirit and the physical realm all the time and opens your path to journeying which is astral projection without the projection part. Accomplishing the second technique begins, on an individual level, the awareness of being everywhere and nowhere, in everything and nothing, becoming an individual aspect of the experience of God. Essentially the bridging of the two realms offers you conscious access to the first level of the your unconscious experience.

Fourth Tenet
What you deny has power over you. We utilize the seventh technique to access, employ and transcend events you do not want to experience first hand through your body, but it is needed as a part of a greater whole to be transcended before access to the next level can be granted. Using the seventh technique you can experience the entire transcended memory of any living being, any inanimate object or any point in time and space so you dont have to deny the experience, you can transcend it. (I.E. Transcend the experience of another = their memory of this and all previous incarnations all the way back to when they were individually self aware having just separated from The Source, the energy imprinted on any animate or inanimate object, or a point in time and space). We use the seventh technique to make it possible to change from you current spiritual evolution, to taking a quantum leap in ascension. It boils down to a choice, to spend a lifetime or a few minutes to experience, learn and transcend what is needed to gain access to the next level. Although this analogy is tremendously simplified, think of downloading the file of an entire library from the internet in a just few minutes.

Fifth Tenet
Awareness is Power. The old idea is that knowledge is power. Knowledge is just information that can be used powerfully. Awareness offers hindsight, insight, foresight and intuition. Awareness and intention is what facilitates the use of knowledge. Knowledge alone does not facilitate growth. There is little growth when people do not seek to become more and a greater fulfillment is ever fleeting if there is no need for change. Awareness lifts the veil to becoming enlightened about anything, which is the key for gaining insight, understanding a greater truth, and the realization of a need for change. Awareness is power, it is the key that unites all the pieces to understand the greater picture.

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