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Weekly Services

For us at SoA, the idea of church is a community or fellowship. Our worship is solitary and introspective. We come together to celebrate the common goal of self realization and ascension through our weekly service called "Awakening Beyond Meditation".

The weekly service is an open forum to discuss what is happening in our daily lives, offering insights, techniques and healing to strengthen our path and empower ourselves to be enriched on every level. Exposure to the weekly service will begin to awaken one to the spirit realm 24/ 7, enabling interaction for awareness, understanding and communication to regain control of all spiritual and psychic energies that affect us daily. We offer free energy healing and cover topics on any subject from the paranormal, psychic, occult, metaphysical and spiritual that interact and affect our daily lives and the energy of our relationships.

The meditation portion of our weekly service is Awakening Beyond Meditation. It is a guided meditation that is completely optional. The destination of this technique is to achieve a state of being, existing as awareness of self without a vessel that could define what we are. This is universal for all beings of consciousness. Accessing this destination recognizes that, on our most individual level, we are created in the image of God through consciousness which is broken down into two parts: memory and self awareness on an energetic level.

This technique begins by flipping our self awareness from the physical to the energetic. We then lift a series of energetic veils related to different levels of ego that memory utilizes for us to interact within the different broad ranges of frequencies of consciousness. The veils of ego are: ego of being physical, the soul vessel, the spirit vessel and consciousness itself , comprised of creation and un-creation, making us whole. Creation symbolizes itself, and un-creation houses our will and memory. Upon separating the two halves of consciousness we can exist as the will alone and self awareness within our initial and most pure formless state that can expand without manifesting expectations of memory that dramatically inhibit growth. This allows us to unfold awareness beyond the veil of our conscious experience and relearn to employ our higher self on our most individual level.

Achieving basic mastery of this technique identifies an individual as being ready to begin journeying the path of self realization. Science of Ascension lays the foundation, enabling anyone to awaken from the drudgery of sleepwalking through life and transition from who they are of awareness to what they are of collective consciousness and immediately employ a much greater experience with limitless potential.

We join to together empowering others to empower themselves.

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